Welcome to BDSM Submissive Application and Kinky Stuff Kink Shop. 

We are accepting applications from only female submissives (dominates and male subs & male doms currently applications are closed until after August 1, 2023).

We know there is alot of bad press and a bad reputation for the BDSM community. We know that there are alot of people that are too nervous, too scared, and too overwhelmed to live this life style 24/7 because they don’t have the right support or information. 

Our goal is to not only educate vanilla’s but also the general community about what BDSM really is and what it really isn’t. Furthermore we believe that the general public needs to see healthy loving relationships and dynamics in order to believe it.  From our own experiences we know that had we had the right information, the right support team, and the right members around us when we first came around then we wouldn’t have had some of the bad experiences we had. 

We hope to provide for members the information about this lifestyle, the support team for each individuals needs, our guidence and experience to match submissives of all experience levels with a dominate that  their personalities match. We do this through our application questions of both the dominate and the submissive. 

If both applicants are open and honest with their answers and dive deep for the core of who they are we are positive that we will find them the perfect match.

Once a submissive submits their application our team then goes over it in great detail and begins to put a score on your applications and then we match you with those who score the highest in the same categories that your looking for.

Once we make a match we send each person a detail math sheet. It contains the general information, demographics, contact information, and pictures. With that we provide information books about the dynamics that each person is looking for what it all means, tips, ideas, foundations of BDSM, sample contracts, etc. 

Then it is up to you to contact the person in your own time. We do however, send each person notifications that we found a match and that we notified them. You two contact each other and go from there. If its a match let us know and tell us your story. If its not a matchfor any reason let us know and we can try again.

We provide both dom/sub extensive applications so we can find the best match.


This site is not for you if you are looking for someone who is a PayPig or your big come up financially DO NOT APPLY. We are very diligent in making sure this is not the case with our appplicants. If we find out that behavior is happening we will take proper action. Please also let us know right away when someone is a Paypig, is engaged in prostitution, abusive etc. so that we can take immediate action.

We provide information privately to each applicant and not just generalized information. We do this because that is what has played a role in societies negative image of this lifestyle.

We do not allow, accept, or condone BULLYING, HARRASSMENT, SHAMING, VIOLENT BEHAVIOR, ILLEGAL BEHAVIOR, CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR. If your match is a part of that behavior please notify us immediately so that we can take the proper steps to ensure everyones safety.

If you are ready to see what happens please feel free to fill out the application. Its free. Please know that it can take a few days to a few weeks or months to get a match (depends on current number of members, application results, etc.) each applicant is different and each result is different. While you are waiting for your match we will be here to support you the entire way. We will be providing you with information and support to prepare you for your match and what to do when you get one and more.

Please feel free to contact us anytime. We are always here for you.